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Ralph Nader Exposes the Obama Fraud.
A vote for either Obama or Romney is an endorsement of fascism.

Amy Goodman Questions Top GOP Donor David Koch: Does Concentration of Wealth Subvert Democracy? Ron Spain Questions Amy Goodman: Does Failure of Media, Even Alternative Media Like Democracy Now, To Address Critical Modern Issues Perhaps Subvert Democracy Even More Than Concentration of Wealth Does? I Think It Does.


Solar data from
Solar X-rays: Solar status
Geomagnetic Field: Solar status

News Bot (a.k.a. Autonews)
ShredFree- Shreds free space on a drive
Why I'm not moving to Norway
Ear - Execute commands upon loud noises
PageScan - Scans a page for privacy issues
Block - Blocks sites using the hosts file
Abuses by Google (340 KB booklet)
Country - Deciphers country codes
Compile - Makes compiling easier
Puzzle - Creates word search puzzles
GnaurGen - Create your own Gnaural files
Do Not Censor
Censored Websites
AutoUp Easily upload files via FTP (binary mode not working?)
Lady al-Qaeda, Terrorist or Scapegoat?
The Wow! Signal
Funnel Web Spider
Rss2Htm 1.2
Sunspot Predictions
East Coast AM Radio
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ACLU - 90 Years of Fail